Microsoft quietly pushes 5 additional root certificates

Again, Microsoft just added 5 new and undocumented root certs to the Windows CTL. And again, without communicating about it. I still fail to understand why their <A href=>official list</a> is now out of date by more than a year, while Apple, Mozilla and Google all document the changes in a much more transparent and timely way.

Anyway, here are the new kids on the block. If you are running any supported version of Windows, you’re trusting them now (provided you already received the November 20 automatic update).

 010c0695a6981914ffbf5fc6b0b695ea29e912a6	GR 	
  Hellenic Academic and Research Institutions RootCA 2015
 9ff1718d92d59af37d7497b4bc6f84680bbab666	GR	
  Hellenic Academic and Research Institutions ECC RootCA 2015
 4caee38931d19ae73b31aa75ca33d621290fa75e	AT	
 9b0959898154081bf6a90e9b9e58a4690c9ba104	CZ	
  I.CA Root CA/RSA
 f02b70bde4eae02b207377b9fd4785e4c9cc55dc	CN	
  China Financial Certification Authority Identity CA

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